Two Piece Dresses: For Everyone?

Celebrities and runway models have this way of wearing things that nobody else could ever possibly wear without looking completely ridiculous. Like head to toe denim or golden chains.

The newest trend I keep seeing everywhere is two piece dresses (are they even still dresses? Isn’t it just a shirt and a skirt?) So I decided to try them out and see if they’re practical for the average Jane.

I decided I would test the two piece dresses at different locations. Work, casual lunch with friends, wedding and a date. I would be buying a different style for each experiment and then gauge the reactions of my friends, family and boyfriend in order to see if this celebrity trend could be used by us normal people.

  1. Work

I work as a manager in an arts and crafts store, so I had a feeling this would be hard when the usual uniform is paint covered jeans and a t-shirt. I bought the most professional looking one I could find and braced myself for the worst.

Surprisingly, it was a hit! Customers loved it and complimented me endlessly. I think it might even have improved sales.

  1. Casual Lunch

In hindsight, buying a puffy dress might have been a mistake. It would have looked absolutely darling on a younger girl, but I felt very much like I was playing dress up. My friends agreed.

  1. Wedding

For this I chose a yellow embroidered dress with a flower pattern. It felt very loose and beachy (which was good, since the wedding was on a beach) and it didn’t seem out of place at all. The only problem I had was the fact that it was strapless, which meant it slid off throughout the day. Getting it altered would fix this problem.

  1. Date Night

I chose the most daring red dress I could find for this since my boyfriend was taking me to a very high class restaurant. Admittedly, I still felt a bit overdressed but I received many compliments.

All in all, I’d say this trend is for everyone.